Loses output after 30 seconds

Every time I use one of the Kinivo inputs, 30 seconds after turning the TV on (or turning on a device that provides input to the Kinivo, which automatically turns on the TV), the Kinivo loses output (the light on the device turns out, the TV goes blank). The output is then restored a few seconds later, and image resumes on my TV (although if I am using the Apple TV, it pauses whatever I am watching). This happens even if the input has not changed (i.e., no switching has actually occurred). Things that I have tried, which fail to resolve the problem:

  • Replacing the Kinivo
  • Turning on or off autoswitching on the Kinivo
  • Using different input ports and devices (Apple TV, Xbox, PS4)
  • Turning Simplink on or off on my TV
  • Disabling eco mode on my television
  • Disabling my TV from turning off after receiving no input for X amount of time
  • Updating my TV