Monitor will not wake up

I have my raspberry pi, MacBook and ASUS laptop connected to this device with the output to a LG 32" 4K monitor. Seems to work fine if it hasn’t been sitting for awhile. If it has been idle for several hours I cannot wake the computers. If I manually turn on the monitor I get no signal. I have to unplug the Kinivo for approx 5 seconds and plug it back in for it detect the signal once again. Anyone have seen this behavior?

Hello, and welcome to the forums. I"m sorry we missed your comment. If you haven’t already fixed or worked around the issue, you could try uncommenting “hdmi_safe=1” in “/boot/config.txt”.

The Macbook and laptop having issues are a little more surprising. It might help to know wha the LEDs on the switch are doing which you’re stuck with no video.