550BN - No Sound via HDMI

I have Two SAMSUNG 32-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P.
They only have two HDMI Ports.
On each TV
1 port is an eARC is connected to a Yamaha SR C20A Soundbar.
On one TV the second port is connected to a BN550 HDMI Switch.
Connected to the BN550 Switch

  1. Apple TV 4K,
  2. Roku Ultra 4800,
  3. FireTV Stick 4K,
  4. Cable Box,
    For some reason there has been no sound to the Soundbar via HDMI.

I have need help figuring out why.

I swapped out every HDMI Cable.
I have bought a second BN550 & switched BN550 boxes–same problem.
I have switched Soundbars. Same.
Reset settings of TV. No difference.
I have even switched in the TV from Guest Room. Same Problem.
If I connect devices directly to the TV, I get sound via HDMI to Soundbar.
If I use Optical cable from TV to Soundbar I get sound.

Note: Yesterday I got an Certified 8K HDMI Cable and it worked… for a few hours.

So what’s left to do?