Apple TV CEC control

I recently purchased a Kinovo 550BN, and I had questions about controlling an Apple TV via HDMI CEC. (I have already read this troubleshooting thread. [ Troubleshooting ] CEC Power Issues (AppleTV))

I’m using a Samsung TV that supports “AnyNet+” HDMI-CEC. HDMI-CEC is about more than just turning devices on and off… it allows the TV to control the device using the TV’s remote control.

Specifically, when I plug my Apple TV directly into my Samsung TV, I’m able to use my Samsung TV remote controller to press Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, and Back to control my Apple TV, selecting apps, episodes, and to Play/Pause the video.

But when I plug my Apple TV into my Kinovo 550BN switch, and then plug the 550BN into my TV, and I press the directional arrows on my Samsung TV remote, nothing happens on the Apple TV.

This forces me to use three remote controls:

  1. Samsung TV remote, to control volume
  2. Apple TV remote, to control Apple TV
  3. Kinovo 550BN remote, to control the switch and switch between devices

That’s a lot of remotes!

Is there any way to allow my Samsung TV remote to control my Apple TV through the 550BN, the same way I can without the 550BN?