BTC 480 Not Stereo

I have my iPhone connected via bluetooth to the Kino BTC 480 and the audio comes only from the left side of the car, I tried to connect my old iPhone SE via 3.5mm cable directly to the car and is working fine, also the I use the iPhone on the other car with bluetooth from stock I can hear everything in stereo without any issue… also I received the BTC 480 as a present so I do not have the receipt from Amazon…


We apologize for the difficulties. Could you try doing a factory reset using the following steps:

  1. Press the Skip Forward >> and Skip backward << buttons - both simultaneously for 7 seconds. The audible alert will beep twice and the LED will blink red and blue alternately and the BTC480 will go into pairing mode

  2. Now you can try pairing your devices again. Please note that you will have to delete all the previous pairings in your devices and pair again.

If none of this works for you then please contact us directly by emailing us at
Please be assured that we will work with you to resolve this issue.