CEC Introduction

What is CEC?

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is the part of the HDMI standard that allows HDMI devices to pass control signals to each other. The most common use of CEC is to allow a video device (like an Xbox or Blu-ray player) to turn on the TV when the video device itself is powered up.

When an HDMI switch is connected between a TV it should pass CEC commands only between the TV and the device video source device currently selected on the switch.

Determining CEC Support

CEC usually appears in the settings of a TV or video device, often under “Other Settings”. If you aren’t able to find “CEC”, your device may still support CEC under a different name.

Many companies use a specific trade-name for CEC in their device settings. Use the list of CEC trade-names below to help locate the CEC option on your device.

CEC trade-names:

The above names will usually be in the device settings.