[ How-To ] Installing the BTC480

  1. First, choose a location for the BTC-480 head-unit. The microphone on the head-unit will be used during calls and when using voice commands, so it should be as close as possible to the driver’s head with the microphone pointing toward the driver. The microphone is in the center of the Multi-Function Button just below the Phone icon.

  2. Remove the plastic protector from the adhesive disk on the back of the magnetic mounting place.

  3. Press the magnetic mounting plate firmly against the dash where the BTC-480 will be mounted with the adhesive side facing the dash.

  4. Place the BTC-480 head-unit against the magnetic mounting plate. It should snap into place.

  5. Connect the 3.5mm connector to your car’s 3.5mm Aux input. The 3.5mm connector looks like the connector on a pair of earbuds, and the Aux input should look like the headset jack on a phone or MP3 player.

  6. Connect the 12v adapter to the car’s 12v outlet (or cigarette lighter).

When the car is started, the BTC-480 should now enter Pairing Mode and begin searching for new phones to connect to. At this point, simply enter the Bluetooth section of the Settings app on your phone and tap on the BTC-480 to finish pairing and connect.