Kinivo 550BN Not working NES, SNES, Sega Genesis mini


I have an Kinivo 550BN HDMI switch that was working fine with my PS3 & Nintendo Wii. I recently decide to use it with my NES, SNES & Sega Genesis mini only. Since then, nothing is working well. Screen flick, go black & sometime came back but most of the time, i have to reboot the HDMI switch. Sometime just before losing the image, I loose the sound and few second later image follow. Here what I have try so far:

  • Turn off auto-switching
  • Use another cable tested on a working device
  • Use another port on the HDMI switch
  • Use a single device on the HDMI switch

Nothing work so far and now it even worst because it start doing the same thing with the Wii but PS3 still fine so far. I did the same testing process with the Wii and same result. The HDMI switch doesn’t have a year and was use occasionally.

Anybody have any idea on what try next?


We’re sorry you’re having an issue with your Kinivo HDMI switch. You might have tried some of the following however, please try these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Unplug all HDMI and power cables from the switch.
  2. Verify that all the HDMI cables are working properly by plugging each of them directly into your TV or projector (without using the switch).
  3. Connect only one input to the HDMI switch. Make sure each end of the HDMI cable is fully inserted. Loose connections can cause a cable to malfunction.
  4. If it still does not work connect using HDMI input 1, then try HDMI inputs 2, 3, (4 and 5 if you have a 5 port switch) to see if the source device works on any of the inputs.

We recommend using the highest-quality and shortest HDMI cables you can to reduce chances of signal loss and other problems. Preferably 15 feet or less.

HDMI adapters, converters, boosters, amplifiers, extenders, and in-wall cables sometimes also cause signal problems with HDMI cables. If you have any of these in your setup, we recommend you try testing the switch without them.

Please be assured that we will keep trying to fix this issue or send you a replacement product.