Need driver update CD 4 Kinivo USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC BTD400

Listen, I have a Windows 7 Ultimate computer. I cannot do software updates on this machine. I really need the CD for the driver, because I can’t do this manually. Will you please send one to me? I was living somewhere else when I bought it from Amazon last year. Don’t want to put my address publicly in here. I did find a software driver once, but it doesn’t work for my Ceek headphones.

Now I want to buy a wireless Xbox controller. Will this work for that? It’s plugged in, but because of the driver problem, I get a strange error trying to access it. My headphones are high-powered, but it can’t talk to my PC or headphones for some reason (probably the driver). iTunes puked when I wanted to use them to listen to music. I do have a USB chord for the headphones, but that is only to power them up.

iTunes said:

iTunes Bluthtooth Error

It was right; headphones won’t work correctly with this driver. Oh, my computer has no wireless/Bluetooth capability. She’s old and I didn’t think of getting one on the motherboard in 2016.