[ Troubleshooting ] Continuous Switching

Issue: Under certain conditions the Kinivo 350BN and 550BN HDMI Switches will jump from one input port to another without the user selecting a new source input device.

This can occur when two or more “Always on” devices enter power-saving (sleep) mode and are connected to the switch with Auto Switching enabled. This can cause the switch to continuously jump back and forth from input port to another after you turn on one of those devices.

“Always on” devices include Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Microsoft Xbox One/One S/One X, and Sony PS4.

Workaround: Turn off the Auto Switching function on the Kinivo 350BN or 550BN HDMI switch. Press and hold the Switch button on the front panel of the unit for 8 seconds. The output LED will flash 4 times and turn green, then stay green to indicate Auto Switching is disabled.