[ Troubleshooting ] Power Issues

Factory Reset

The BTH220 may act unusually due to software issues, which may be resolved by a factory reset. To perform a factory reset, first power the headset off. Next, hold down the Volume -, Volume +, and Center buttons at the same time for ten seconds, or until the LED blinks blue twice, then goes out. Once the reset is finished, power the headset on and test it. You will need to pair the headset to your audio source device after performing a factory reset.

Charging Cable

The headset may not charge normally if its charging cable is damaged, or if the USB power source it is connected to is having issues. Please try charging the headset using a different USB cable and from a different USB power source.

Liquid Intrusion

If liquid is able to get into the headset, it may cause the headset to operate incorrectly. Has the headset been exposed to liquid recently?

Please let the headset dry for about a week. In small electronics, liquid can become trapped in tight spaces, and may take a while to evaporate.