Unable to connect from Mac to Apple keyboard

I’m trying out my new BTD400 on my Mac, and having trouble connecting to my Apple Magic Keyboard. I have confirmed that the computer is seeing the BTD400 because the Mac address changes when I plug it in. The BTD400 reports that it sees the keyboard, and knows its name, and even says that it’s connected, but the blue LED on the BTD400 is blinking, and the keyboard isn’t working. After a little time passes, it shows Not Connected again, as if something is timing out. Has anyone had experience with this?

Update: I just upgraded the Mac to the latest OS, Ventura (13.3.1), and it now works!

Hi, Scott,
I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you before you managed to fix the issue yourself, but glad to hear your got it working. Thank you very much for posting the solution - it’s likely to help someone else in the near future.

Hi Scott how did you get it to work, I’m trying the same thing with Ventura and its not been picked up ?

Hi Jewitt,
It just started working – I don’t recall doing anything specific. Sorry, I know this isn’t helpful!

Great - other than when my computer goes into sleep mode or restarts. The only way I’ve found to get it working in this case is unplug the adapter and put it in again. I do however have to plug a keyboard in for the initial login. Mac 5.1 2010 (12 core) - upgraded to Sonoma using open core.