Universal Remote control for Kinovo 550BN

I would like to control my Kinovo 550BN via a universal remote.

I’ve read this thread: [ How-To ] Harmony Remote Setup

I would love to follow those instructions, but Logitech discontinued sales of the Logitech Harmony remote in 2021. Logitech Harmony universal remotes are being discontinued | TechHive

(I’m a bit surprised that y’all posted about how to integrate with Harmony Remotes in 2022, since that remote was no longer available for purchase when you posted the thread!)

Can Kinovo suggest a universal remote that’s currently on the market, not discontinued, that can control the Kinovo 550BN?


We switched support software a while back, so a lot of articles are older than they appear, having been copied over from our older systems. That said, I didn’t realize Logitech had discontinued the Harmony line. I think the equivalent product today would be an external IR blaster that can be controlled using an app, like a SwitchLink Hub or a Broadlink device. Unfortunately, we haven’t tested any app-controlled IR blasters, so I can’t vouch for any particular brand.

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